Collaborative Knowledge Analytics designed for large groups of analysts

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An organization’s biggest asset
is human knowledge.

With Epistema, your Decision Making process becomes:


“Best Current Knowledge” for every topic is dynamically presented. It therefore allows a consistent and reliable decision making based on comprehensive knowledge.

Optimally Managed

The organization is able to track its past and current knowledge, and quickly identify how to focus executives’ attention.
Past performance is easily analysed and scenario based planning is enabled.


Epistema creates a community of knowledge stakeholders, by connecting analysts based on their area of knowledge. With Epistema, people can feedback, debate, and resolve knowledge contradictions with their peers, regardless of one’s role, seniority level or geography.


The Knowledge communities access knowledge instantly. Every analyst knows how to access relevant stakeholders, and to what extent raw data supports their view. Hence, precious time is saved, and the organization becomes more dynamic and responsive.


If only HP really knew what HP knows, we’d be
three times more productive

Lew Platt, HP CEO

What is “Knowledge Analytics”?

As a very experienced team of analysts, we understand Data will not explain itself. Interpreting Data and translating it into reliable decisions is a human endeavour. The common currency should be human knowledge and insights, not raw data.


To judge which knowledge contribution is more reliable, one has to look into the support level emerging from the data, at “black swans” that always exist in the data and to have a peers review. These are basic principles of Scientific Knowledge that should be applied to any research and business problem.

The Solution


Our software does it. It will not replace the analysts, but rather will make their collaborative work much more rigorous, quick and comprehensive.

Most important, it will make the decision makers life much simpler. The debate between analysts will be continuous and rigorous. Hence, when decisions will have to be made, Epistema will already have the “best current knowledge” at hand, with all disagreements well mapped

Peter Thiel

Actionable insights can only come
from a human analyst

Peter Thiel

Our Interdisciplinary Team with Innovative Ideas

With an exceptional team of experienced analysts and software engineers, and an advisory board that combines over 100 years of analysis experience and academic achievements, we are ready to explore new horizons.

  • Joab Rosenberg

Joab Rosenberg
Founder & CEO

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  • Dror Ben-Eliezer

Dror Ben-Eliezer
Co-Founder & CTO

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  • Tzvika Katzenelson

Tzvika Katzenelson
Co-Founder & CRO

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Advisory Board


Stephan Guinet

Founder and CEO of Kamet Ventures, a start up studio backed by AXA group. Formerly a member of AXA Group main Executive Committee and CEO of AXA Global Direct.


Prof. Tova Milo

Professor of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University. She served as the head of the Computer Science Department from 2011-2014. Prof. Milo heads the data management group in Tel Aviv University.


Yaacov Amidror

Former Israel National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, former head of Israeli Government Analysis Division (Ret MG)

Prof. (Ret MG) Isaac Ben Israel

Prof. (Ret MG) Isaac Ben Israel

Head of Cyber Center at Tel Aviv University, Head of Israel Space Agency. Former head of IAF analysis unit and head of Israel Defence R&D Directorate

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